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Half Square Triangles

Posted by Stacey on

Many quilts use half-square triangles.  They are infinitely useful.  But what if you decide to use them but haven't made up your mind on a design?  There are also infinite block designs that can be made with half-square triangles.

The gals in my quilt group (Piece Corps) know I hate to waste off-fall from making quilts.  So what do I do when they give me scraps?  I play with the scraps, of course!  A load of HST's in various colors with the same white light half can be turned into any number of quilt designs.  Lay out a few and decide which one appeals to you.  Stitch them together...NOW!   Otherwise, you will second guess, change your mind or wonder what could have been.  

There are a lot of scraps out there.  We can always make another....hmmm, I'm kind of liking that chevron now that I look at it again!