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Half Square Triangles Take Shape

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Well, the holiday season got in the way of a lot of things.  I hope you all had a good one and are anticipating spring (at least here in the northern hemisphere!) as much as I am.  The tiny half-square triangles shown in my previous blog turned into a quilt unlike any of my sample blocks after I saw the basket blocks in my Maggie Malone book of 5500 quilt blocks.  It's a small quilt - just under 48" square and very colorful.  Just the thing as a pick-me-up during the doldrums of winter.

All the fabric besides the colorful HST's is from my stash.  Too much, too busy?  Maybe so, but so cheerful to see during the shortest days of the year.  Enjoy playing with your scraps.  Don't worry about busy-ness.  After all, half the fun is the making of the quilt.  

Piece and Stitch with fun in your heart,