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Life happened

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Well, another lengthy amount of time between posts.  Life got to me in a major way.  My husband had not been doing well for some time and passed away in July.  As you can imagine, this was the most difficult thing I'd ever gone through in my life.  I had always thought that my quilting would be my solace if that ever happened.  It was not.  I found solace in nothing, save friends.  I couldn't eat, sleep or even sew.  I am lucky in my friends and family.  I needed to be around people and they were there for me.  I can't thank them enough.  I finally got back to sewing.  And I am going in a new direction in life.  I have wanted to open a quilt store for years so that is what I am doing.  Life has hit me hard but I refuse to be miserable.  I miss Rod terribly but he would not have wanted me to be miserable and I know he would be proud of me now.

The Quilting Grounds will be opening in Mid-January of 2016 and the process of getting that up and going is helping me live life. 

Here is the building that will house my quilt store.  It is an old building in Norwood Young America MN that has been beautifully maintained and I loved it the minute I stepped into it.  As a bonus, we will have a coffee shop right there in the quilt shop.  I am tremendously excited about the whole project.  

On another note, I have definitely gotten back into sewing and designing.  Look for a new quilt pattern, Emma, in the next few weeks.  As for the scraps, I finished two quilt tops, and now have only 9 more in the works,

The Year of Scraps

It's July and I haven't posted since February.  Sometimes, there is just not enough time.  Back before Christmas, I decided that this year I would try and use up my scrap bag.  I decided this because I have a lot of scraps (who doesn't) and I had made a queen size quilt of scraps for [...]

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Half Square Triangles Take Shape

Well, the holiday season got in the way of a lot of things.  I hope you all had a good one and are anticipating spring (at least here in the northern hemisphere!) as much as I am.  The tiny half-square triangles shown in my previous blog turned into a quilt unlike any of my sample [...]

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Half Square Triangles

Many quilts use half-square triangles.  They are infinitely useful.  But what if you decide to use them but haven't made up your mind on a design?  There are also infinite block designs that can be made with half-square triangles.The gals in my quilt group (Piece Corps) know I hate to waste off-fall from making quilts. [...]

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Getting Started

Hello All,My new web store is in the process of getting set up.  So exciting for me!  Please note that this site is very preliminary.  Please stop back.  If your're interested, sign up for our newsletter.  I'll send one out letting everyone know when we are ready to go.  The picture is of the first [...]

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